Our Growth Into a Consulting Firm

At Falcon Branding, we work with clients, not only by projects, but on a consulting basis for branding, design services, website development, SEO and webmaster services. We continue to grow at a phenomenal rate, posting a 110% growth from 2016 in the first two fiscal quarters of 2017. Our target for 2017 is 10 times the Total Revenue of 2016, and we believe we are currently on track to make it happen.

Currently on our team we have our CEO, Jack T. Jorgensen, Vice President of Design, Camille Soriano and our Vice President of Development, Ronnie Ellwood. We strive to build a consulting firm that is focused on website technology and advertising. We have begun to further branch out in the services we provide, and we are pleased to announce our Agency level consulting services, which consist of: webmaster, branding, development, SEO, and design services to larger companies totaling approximately 75 hours per month devoted solely to your business for $5,000 per month. If you are interested in working with Falcon Branding, please contact our CEO at jack@falconbranding.com, thank you.

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